FEMS introduces 2 new awards


FEMS launches a Science Communication Award and Outstanding Early Career Microbiologist Award

Are you active in science communications and public relations? Then you can now be nominated for the FEMS Science Communication Award. Starting 2021, we will biennially award a campaign that contributes significantly to the public discourse about science and evidence. All microbiology topics are eligible for this award and the award can be given to an individual or a group, see the award regulations for more information.
Nomination deadline: 1 May 2021

Nominate a person or group for the Science Communication Award

As we recognize excellence in microbiology and its contribution to society, we are pleased to announce another high profile award: the FEMS Early Career Microbiologist Award. This Award in particular aims to recognize Early Career Researchers that have realized an excellent body of (published) research and research potential. The nomination can be based on a single exceptionally significant achievement or the aggregate of a number of exemplary achievements. This award is biennial, and the winner will receive free access to a FEMS Congress (in this year: World Microbe Forum), where they will present their research. See the award regulations for more information.
Nomination deadline: 18 February 2021

Nominate a person for the Outstanding Early Career Microbiologist Award

Nomination for these awards has now opened, so make sure to go over to our Awards section and nominate yourself or others you think should be awarded for their work!

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