First round of Industry Placement Grants (IPG) approved!


Three Early Career Scientists from FEMS Member Societies have been granted the first FEMS Industry Placement Grants (IPG) in early 2022!

FEMS IPG assist early career scientists in gain experience at a European host industry. Any industry, including non-laboratory work, can be considered as long as relevant for microbiology. These grants may be used to contribute to travel, accommodation and subsistence costs of making the visit. Deadlines to apply for FEMS IPG are 1 February and 1 August.

Applicants and host industries interested in this scheme are encouraged to join the Collaboration Portal which is a virtual space for industries and applicants to meet.

Grantees and host industries for the first round of IPG are:

Mikk Espenberg from the University of Tartu (Estonia) will be working at Laboratoire Ampère (France) on the project: “From laboratory to full-scale systems: boosting the water treatment of excessive nutrients and toxic contaminants pollution with bioelectrochemically enhanced microbes”. Industry sector: Bioremediation

Lorena Donzella from the University of Minho (Portugal) and at the University College Cork (Ireland) will be working at Carbery Food Ingredients Limited (Ireland) on the project: “Enhancing sustainable bio-ethanol production from whey permeate by improving resilience of the yeast K. marxianus“. Industry sector: Food & Beverages

Marcela Mendoza from Aarhus University (Denmark) will be working at Legume Technology LTD (United Kingdom) on the project: “Industrial-scale production and formulation of elite rhizobial strains”. Industry sector: Microbiome

We congratulate the grantees and host industries for receiving the first FEMS IPG grants and wish them a lot of success in their profesionall future!

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