Out Now: The Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance


We are very pleased to announce a new Thematic Issue of FEMS Microbiology Ecology on the Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance just in time for World Antibiotic Awareness Week, 12-18 November 2018!

This Thematic Issue focuses on the effects of anthropogenic use of antibiotics in various ecosystems and the implications for human health. Topics of interest include: evolution of antibiotic resistance, fate and effects of antibiotics in various ecosystems, dissemination of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes, bacteria with transferable resistances, co-selection, links between the environment and human health, and mitigation strategies.

Edited by James Tiedje, Kornelia Smalla, Ed Topp, and Tong Zhang, this Thematic Issue is a culmination of the research presented at the 4th International Symposium on Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance, held in August 2017 at Michigan State University. The 5th International Symposium on EDAR will be held in Hong Kong, June 9-14th 2019.

From Water and sanitation: an essential battlefront in the war on antimicrobial resistance by Helmut Bürgmann, Dominic Frigon, William H Gaze, Célia M Manaia, Amy Pruden, Andrew C Singer, Barth F Smets and Tong Zhang.   DOI: 10.1093/femsec/fiy101


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