Peerwith partnership: FEMS members helping out other members in Author Services


Recently, FEMS partnered with Peerwith. This unique partnership allows contributors to FEMS Journals to help each other out in Author Services, such as language editing and scientific (developmental) editing. Thus, FEMS members who are active (or are interested in becoming active) as experts in Author Services can sign up with Peerwith and get connected with authors looking for author services who post their requests via the Peerwith FEMS landing page. Authors can link to this page from the journal pages and well as via other channels.

One contributor offering her services is Joanna Mackie, who already helped several authors to optimally prepare their manuscripts before submission to FEMS journals. Joanna:

Joanna MackieIt’s great to help authors through this platform. Being a FEMS member, and having research and publication experience in microbiology (including in FEMS journals) myself, I feel that I am well equipped to increase their chances of a successful submission. The great thing about Peerwith is that I can directly collaborate with authors through this platform.”

Update November 2016: get to know more experts here.



Interested in signing up to become an expert helping other FEMS members? Please send an email to

Are you in need of author services and would like to get help from an experienced FEMS expert? Go to and place your request today!

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