Meet Dr Valerie De Anda, the FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Awardee for 2019

12-11-19 Joseph Shuttleworth

At FEMS2019 (7-11 July 2019) in Glasgow, Scotland, we interviewed a range of scientists to find our more about their research and teaching, their inspiration, and microbiology!

In our 5th interview from this series, we talk with Dr Valerie De Anda about her research into the Brockarcheaota phylum of archaea, winning the FEMS-ASM Mäkelä-Cassell Award, her favourite microbial fact and more:

Valerie’s microbiology hero: Esther Miriam Zimmer Lederberg

To find out more about our next congress, FEMS2021 (11 – 15 July, Hamburg, Germany), visit the website:

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