Meet our new volunteer teams

18-07-18 Carianne Buurmeijer

We are proud to work collectively with a growing community of microbiologists and other scientists from around the world. Without Volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do our work and make an impact on the microbiology community. Whether it are seasoned scientists offering reviewing and commenting on key issues in the field, or early career researchers that help us build our social network, they are of outmost importance to help us reach the world.

Last month two new exciting projects have started and we would like to welcome them all to the team.

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The ALAM translation project
A team with the aim of translating abstracts into Spanish and Portuguese for a collection of recent, influential articles published by Latin American authors in our five journals to strengthen collaboration with ALAM (Asociación Latinoamericana de Microbiología a.k.a. Latin American Association of Microbiology)

Journal Social Media Editors
A team with the aim of keeping our community up to date about the latest articles and collections from the FEMS Journals

Meet the faces behind the teams

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