Meet Dr Sarah Zecchin, FEMS-Jensen Awardee for 2019

12-11-19 Joseph Shuttleworth

We talk to Dr Sarah Zecchin, FEMS-Jensen Awardee for 2019, and post-doctoral researcher at University of Milan (Italy). You can read more about Dr Zecchin’s award winning research:…

Sarah won the award to visit researchers in Amsterdam to study arsenic loving bacteria that live naturally in the Alps. Here we also discuss her favourite living microbiologists, favourite microbes, and more…

Sarah’s microbiology heroes: Bernhard Schink and Michael Wagner

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The FEMS-Jensen Award submissions for 2020 are open

At FEMS, we aim to recognize academic achievement and superior research accomplishments. The FEMS-Jensen Award helps early career scientists, showing significant potential, in establishing their research career. The award comprises a fellowship for spending at least half a year in an outstanding research laboratory chosen by the applicant. The maximum award amounts to EUR 10,000.

The award is for an outstanding European microbiology researcher in the final stages of their PhD studies, or to those who received their PhD-degree less than three years from the application deadline. In addition, applicants should be active microbiologists, having obtained their highest degree less than five years prior to the application deadline date or be a PhD student. They should be a member of a FEMS Member Society.

In order to apply for the FEMS-Jensen Award, please read the Award Regulations and send your application to the Convenor of the Awards Board (FEMS President) via the FEMS Business Office before 1 March 2020.

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