FEMS Education Development Award

We recognize excellence in microbiology and its contribution to society through our high profile awards programme. This Award in particular aims to recognize an individuals’ contribution to the development of microbiology education. Education is crucial for microbiologists to develop the skills and knowledge to keep up to date with recent developments, a changing world and changing research priorities. This Award can help promote the importance of microbiology education.

Frequency: biennially

Read the Award Regulations

The Prize consists of:

  • a monetary prize of € 1,000
  • an invitation to give a presentation at the next Summer School on Microbiology Education (in the following uneven year, so: 2023, 2025, 2027 etc.), including free registration, travel and accommodation
  • FEMS will give the awardee recognition by promoting the awardee‘s work through its channels

Who is eligible?

  • educators at any institution level
  • teaching / active in any field of microbiology


  • the deadline for nomination is 1 December of every even year (2022, 2024, 2026 etc.).
  • following selection by the jury and approval by the FEMS Directors, FEMS will contact the Awardee, latest 1 February of every even year (2023, 2025, 2027 etc.).

How to nominate

Self-nomination not possible. A candidate can be nominated by a Delegate of a FEMS Member Society or colleague(s) of the Educator.

A nomination should be supported by:

  • a nomination letter, describing why the Educator excels in the development of microbiology education
  • 1-2 additional letters of support from colleagues/ students would normally be expected

Submit a nomination

If you have all documentation at hand, you can submit directly via the nomination form.

If you wish to be able to save a draft submission, you need a FEMS account. You can create an account here or login with your credentials here. Once logged in to your FEMS profile, you can access the nomination forms for our Awards via this link. You can find the application form at any time within your FEMS account:

  • login to your FEMS account
  • then under ‘Announcements’ click on the ‘Nominate for an award’ link
  • select the Education Development Award nomination form link
  • fill in the form, save your progress and come back to it and once you are ready – Submit
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